1113cvrKeith Bennett of Eastman reviews Eastman's Emergency Mass Notification System for the November 2013 meeting at the Eastman Lodge

oct13CSABCKingsport Fire Department Assistant Fire Marshall Barry Carr presented a fire safety program in October 2013

DeelAn overview of Kingsport's recycling program was presented by Rodney Deel at the August 2013 meeting.

BagleyJuly 2013, Alan Bagley of Wellmont spoke on emergency preparedness activities supported by Wellmont

tpcvrAt The CSA meeting on June 2013, KPD Training Officer Tom Patton presents info on Drug Drop Zones

On May 2013, Chris Ferrell , City of Kingsport Electrical Inspector, addresses electrical safety issues

Bruce Cole of Holston Army Ammunition Plant discusses Outdoor Safety at the April 2013 CSA meeting

Craig Sommers of Kysor Panel Systems speaks on Safety Culture at March 2013 CSA meeting



Archived News and Events

This page provides a storage area for our dated activities.
These files can also serve as a tool for continual improvement.

2013 Annual Safety Seminar - May 8

2013 Kids Safety Fair - May 15

2013 KASC Dick Bailey Fire Safety Rodeo - July 13

The Annual Awards and Recognition Banquet was held on Thursday, September 26, 2013 at Domtar Cabin in Kingsport. Attendees enjoyed an excellent meal prior to the program. President Mike Livingston presented the Swanson Pendleton Community Service Award to Dan Matherly. Phyllis Faxon also received special recognition for her contribution of providing photographic coverage of council events over the past 10 years. Mike was presented the Past Presidents Award. Mike presented a summary of events and accomplishments over the past 12 months. Attendees reviewed the Past Presidents' nominees for upcoming Officers and Board of Directors. The new slate was approved unanimously, and new President Dan Matherly of Brock addressed the council. Door prizes were given out to close out the event. See 2013 Banquet Slide Show.

2013-2014 Officers and Board Members

The 2013 Halloween Treat Bag stuffing was held on Thursday, October 24 at the Eastman Contractor Training Center on Jared Drive from 3-5pm. The Treat Bag Giveaway was held on Saturday, October 26 at the Kingsport Towne Center from 10am to noon.

2012-2013 Officers and Board Members

Kingsport Police Department launches Distracted Driving Driving Campaign

KASC sponsors Habit for Humanity with fire protection/detection equipment

Community Safety Awareness Meeting minutes 15 Jan 2013

Jack Alvis Day, November 15, 2012
Slide presentation from the November CSA meeting

The NSC Safe Community Award through the TN Governor's Council on Injury Prevention was presented by National Safety Council Representatives on March 20, 2012. Three local mayors and other dignitaries attended the awards ceremony.

KASC/Grainger Foundation donate to Second Harvest Food Bank

Letters of Appreciation from Boys and Girls Club, Small Miracles and Toys for Tots

2010 Marines Toys for Tots Donation

Donation to Greater Kingsport Boys and Girls Club 2009

Donation to the Marines' Toys for Tots Program 2009

Past Presidents Meeting 2009

DUI Video Project

Junior League Of Kingsport

2008 KASC Golfer's Edge Picnic

YMCA Life Vest Project

Car Control Clinics Donation

National Safety Council Visits Kingsport Area

Safety Awareness Meeting 01/18/11

Safety Awareness Meeting 11/16/10

Board Meeting 11/11/10

Safety Awareness Meeting 10/19/10

Board Meeting 10/14/10

09/30/10 Banquet

Banquet Presentation

Safety Awareness Meeting 09/21/10

Board Meeting 09/09/10

Safety Awareness Meeting 08/17/10

Board Meeting 08/12/10

Safety Awareness Meeting 07/20/10

Summer Safety

Board Meeting 07/08/10

Safety Awareness Meeting 06/15/10

Board Meeting 06/10/10

Safety Awareness Meeting 05/18/10

Safety Awareness Meeting 04/20/10

Board Meeting 04/08/10

Safety Awareness Meeting 03/16/10

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Safety Awareness Meeting 02/16/10

Board Meeting 02/11/10

Safety Awareness Meeting 01/19/10

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Safety Awareness Meeting 11/19/09

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Safety Awareness Meeting 07/21/09

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Safety Awareness Meeting 02/17/09

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Safety Awareness Meeting 01/20/09

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Safety Awareness Meeting 11/18/08

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Safety Awareness Meeting 10/21/08

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Annual Awards Luncheon 9/16/08

Board Meeting 09/11/08

Safety Awareness Meeting 08/19/08

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Safety Awareness Meeting 07/15/08

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KASC Membership Meeting 02/19/08

Board Meeting 02/14/08

Safety Awareness Meeting 01/15/08

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